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Have you got a website?


By linking to our site, you can get paid for all sales that are made as a result of people clciking on your links.


We pay 25% of all net sales on all of our products for customers that you introduce to us on their first orderr - plus you also get 10% of every subsequent order that they place - for life!


Once they click through from your site to ours - any purchases that they make are tracked and you get paid commission.


Even if you have a site that sells quizzes, you're welcome to link to us - we sell fully licenced picture quiz rounds, handout quizzes, Family Fortunes style quizzes, Quiz Bingo, Smell quizzes and many other pub quiz formats that you might not sell or be able to sell already.


In addition, we are the UK's largest supplier of fundraising scratchcards so you can get full payment for any sales of those you may create.


To join, click here


We welcome affiliates from all websites - call us to discuss the potential of your website and to find ways that we can work together.


Introduce Us and Earn Money - Introduce us to a chain and we pay commission


Sometimes, it's not what you know - it's who you know....


Introduce us to a brewery chain of 10 or more pubs by either passing our details to, or passing us the contact details of the decision maker and once they sign up, we wil pay you a regular commission of 10% of their monthly net invoice for the first 6 months of them taking our quizzes


Refer and earn - call us on 01785 214529


Pub Landlords - Get your quiz for FREE and thanks from your colleagues....


If you're a regular customer, you are seeing the benefits of running a quiz supplied by Instant Quizzes.


For those of you who are part of a larger chain or group, we can give you your quiz for FREE!


Introduce us to your colleagues either by getting them to place a regular order and mention your name or by getting your marketing manager or regional manager to contact us (or pass their details to us.)


If we sign up some of your colleagues or the chain, we will give you your quiz for FREE - and big discounts from our regular prices for your colleagues.


Email us the details or call us on 01785 214529 to discuss what we can do for you.





Affiliate Program Commission Type 25% Pay-per-Sale for the first order of a customer, 10% for next orders 
Pay per click £0.00 for each click you generate.
Payout Requirements £10.00 - Minimum balance required for payout.
Discount policy 0% discount on each purchased item